Brian Baby

About Brian (a.k.a. Marsh)

I'm a self-taught woodworker, with a passion for great design

Yep. That's me in 1978 typing on an IBM 5100 with my mom. I suppose that's how I ended up in a career as a Digital Creative Designer for the better part of the last 20 years of my life.

But you know what, I’ve also been using hand tools and making things from a very young age as well. I clearly remember building a set of hi-fi speakers in my parent's garage out of leftover scraps of wood (when I could have been riding my big wheels!). To this day, I always have a project on the go. Whether it's furniture, storage solutions, or repairing old pieces to their former glory, I'm always working on something. My wife certainly appreciates it, and my son Brady is already learning the difference between a mitre saw and a jigsaw.

Woodworking has forever been a hobby and passion of mine. Now, though, it has become a central part of my life. From hand made furniture to live edge art, I spend my best time in my workshop with my son, getting our hands dirty and bringing visions for functional and beautiful hand-crafted pieces to life.

I'd love the opportunity to make something for you! Are you looking for custom built-in storage? Perhaps you have been on the lookout for a unique piece of furniture with specific dimensions? Do you have an idea but no way to execute it? Let's work together to make that special project a reality and create something that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Meet The Team

I've put together three of finest creative minds out there. Well, two of them are just cute, the other one builds all the things (Hint: it's not Beau).

Brian Marchand

Brian Marchand

Designer + Maker + Builder

One things for sure, I’ve always been creative. From drawing on my parents fireplace with crayon, to painting a dragon mural in my high school hallway, my brain is full of ideas. But the one thing that means more to me than anything in this world is my supportive wife and goofy son.

Brady Marchand

Brady Marchand

Junior Apprentice

Aside from being cute, Brady can also dance up a storm. He’s recently perfected the art of colouring in the lines. That’s the first crucial step in “measure twice cut once”. Brady will certainly follow in his dad’s footsteps as he enjoys sitting in the shop and watching daddy build all the things.

Beau Marchand

Beau Marchand

Shop Dawg

When Beau is not eating Brady’s socks, or digging holes in the backyard, he can often be found basking in the sawdust on the shop floor. When he was just a pup (which he still is) the noise of the tools never phased him. It was at that point I realized that he is a true shop dog.

Do you have an idea but no way to execute it?

Let's work together to make that special project a reality and create something that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Made To Measure Built-Ins

From open hardwood shelving that flanks your fireplace, to kitchen pantry organization solutions, to custom built entertainment units with drawers and shelves, let's rethink your storage opportunities together and purpose-build something that you'll be proud of.

Custom Made Furniture

Have you been shopping around for that perfect piece of furniture, but can't seem to find exactly what you need? Redecorating and need something specific to fit your space? Let's plan it out together, and make a piece that will be with you forever.

Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrades

One of the most used spaces in any home, the kitchen is not only a space we eat and cook in, it's a gathering place for family and friends. Let's talk about how we can make your kitchen warmer and brighter, focusing on making the most of your lost space.

Idea Exploration

Sometimes it's hard to express an idea for that special something. Be it furniture or a unique storage solution. Through creative brainstorming, storyboarding, and inspiration gathering, let's work together to invent the perfect project together.

Contractors & Interior Designers

Contractors & Interior Designers / Decorators have a long history of working with trades that can design, build finish and install hand-crafted projects. Be it kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, custom built furniture, and just about anything made from wood. Having a woodworker that you can rely on and trust makes your job with the client much simpler. Building a lasting relationship with a skilled woodworker also gives you the freedom to further flex your creative muscle, and not have to rely on what is available in stores.