After 22 years as a digital product designer, I've made an exciting career change. Don't be afraid of change - embrace it.

Brian Marchand (Marsh)

Select Services We Offer

Handyman Services

Finish Contracting

Tiles & Backsplash

home electronics

leaky faucets

Painting & Staining

Built-Ins & Shelving

Household Repairs

drywall repair

bathtub caulking

Woodworking & Trim

lighting & fixtures

television installation

home security & cameras

deck & porch repair

If there is something you need done and it's not on the list, please email: and let's talk!

stay in touch.

as I'm building my business i'd love the opportunity to take on those projects that you've been putting off. nothing is too small or too large. reach out and let's talk!


Phone: +01 647 465 1458
SOCIAL: @madebymarsh

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